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Eastend Homes – Glamis Estate issues

It seems Eastend Homes Ltd are yet again disregarding the duty they have to residents. Now on Glamis…. a resident writes. I hope that you will all concur that a Construction Management Plan(CMP) is...


Building work planned on Glamis Estate

Midday update 19th Febuary 2014 It seems that after a meeting today the LBTH Planning and Building Control people stopped the serial planning law offenders Eastend Homes Ltd from further unlawful work on the...



Well today is a big day for Gordon House on the Glamis estate.

10 of the residents (leaseholders) in Gordon house have applied to go to tribunal about the extremely high service charges in the block. Our case had to be in today.

It is interesting to note that we managed to get an awfull ot of data about the accounts and invoices for service charges over the past since 2007. It was certainly very interesting, but very time consuming working through all of this to see what our money is being wasted on.

Estate Boards – Why So Mysterious? 4

Estate Boards – Why So Mysterious?

I am hearing so many stories of Estate Boards that appear to have absolutely no consultation with the residents that it is supposed to be representing.Residents don’t know when the Board meets, who the...