Meeting Place Communication

Residents of Eastend Homes Estates will remember being previously consulted by "Your Shout". This was a front organisation set up by the devious Indigo Public Affairs Ltd. Indigo disappeared from view a while back.  Indigo's managing director Richard Patient shuffled off to form Thorncliffe who have picked up where Indigo left off in the world of dodgy community consultation and political communications advice.

Now we have "Meeting Place Communication" selectively consulting with leading questions a few people on our estates.

Eastend Homes Calders Wharf update 26 May 2017

After a complaint was raised by The Friends of Island Gardens with LBTH about the hoardings that were put by Telford Homes on Calders Wharf site today they received a reply from LBTH Planning Department.

An officer from the Planning Compliance Team has been on site and also written to Telford Homes advising that in the Council’s view the advertising around the site requires planning consent and due to its prominent positioning, particularly on the side that faces the river. It should be removed or blacked out within 28 days.

The Council would need to assess the expediency of taking action should Telford’s choose not to comply.

E14 paul bloss calders wharf E14
Community Centre (green roofs on left) on Eastend Homes demolition list

Eastend Homes claim community asset as build for profit plot

Calders Wharf Community Centre was declared an asset of community value by Tower Hamlets Council back in February 12, 2016 yet Eastend Homes Ltd part time CEO Paul Bloss is bleating away in the local press that his organisation own the site. Even have permission to build. Yes EEH have planning permission for 23 luxury flats on the prime riverside site with two affordable homes tucked away somewhere.

They will also build a "community centre" on the site which like all the others they claim to have provided for the local community will be rented out for profit to a commercial nursery school and hall hire will be priced too high for local residents to consider renting.

The Friends of Island Gardens are calling upon Tower Hamlets Council (and the Government if necessary) to investigate possible irregularities in the disposal of what they believe is still publicly owned land; land that should be protected as part of Island Gardens.

Calders Wharf Community Centre was transferred by the Greater London Council to the guardianship of London Borough of Tower Hamlets in 1972.

In 1980 the land was leased for 30 years to a local Tenants’ Association and the community centre was opened. The council currently maintains that the land itself was included in a transfer to the council sponsored housing association, East End Homes in 2006, yet no paperwork supporting this inclusion has been found by the council.

It is seems  that any disposal of this public asset by the council would have been covered by the The Greater London (Parks & Open Spaces) Act 1967 and as such, subject to certain conditions, yet again, the council has not been able to produce any paperwork for this.

Recently obtained land registry records dated December 2016 show that a sale of the land took place from Eastend Homes to Telford Homes.

So one may ask areTelford Homes so stupid as to buy the land from Eastend Homes Ltd without proof of ownership.... on going indistinguishable asset from elbow situation developing here it seems.

There is a petition asking the Council to investigate any possible irregularities.   Sign the petition here

Eastend Homes Ltd all private development on Westferry Road - again on public land they got for nothing


Draft Good Practice Estate Regeneration Guide

Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration

The Mayor of London is publishing his draft Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration for consultation. The consultation will run for three months until 14 March 2017, and responses can be emailed to .

Click the image on the left to download the draft document.

Mayor supports consultation over estate regeneration also being:

  • Transparent – all the issues and options should be set out in clear, understandable language, with information that has influenced any decisions being shared as early as possible;
  • Extensive – every reasonable effort should be made to engage with as broad a range of groups as possible, including primarily the residents of an estate, and also those living and working on or near it;
  • Responsive – consultation should result in clear actions that arise directly as a result of the views expressed by respondents;
  • Meaningful – views expressed during the process should be considered, and, where responses have not been agreed with, explanations given by the landlord for the course of action taken.

Broken promises made to residents prior to voting in 2004 by Eastend Homes and the Mile End Community Housing Trust

mile end community housing trust page

This booklet was provided by Eastend Homes and Mile End Community Housing Trust to residents before the vote to decide whether to hand over the Mile End estates to a cabal of council middle managers for no money. Yes nothing.....  They said it was to answer some of the questions people have been asking about what they would do if the free hand over of homes and land went ahead. Have a look here and see what concerns have been dealt with.

About Eastendhomes & the Mile End Community Housing Trust

“Our aim is to provide high quality homes and housing services to the people who live in this area. We will be accountable to you and will make sure that you have the power to make decisions at a local level about the services you receive.’’
EastendHomes is a new form of resident led Social Landlord that is set up on a not-for profit basis to be registered with the Housing Corporation. EastendHomes will have an Agreement with a number of Community Housing Trusts across the Borough.

What you said....
What we will do...
“No one ever seems to check the work”
 Residents will be directly involved in checking the quality of the completed jobs.
“Some repairs never got done..."
 Residents will control the repairs budget and decide how the money is spent.
“Dirty water is just slopped in the lift.”
 We will clearly set out the way cleaning should be done and agree this with residents.

EastendHomes quids in with Public Money

A recent FOI request (FOI 12797 Stock Transfer of Housing) has revealed just how much public money Social Landlord Eastend Homes Ltd got when homes & land were transferred (mostly for no cost) during Housing Choice. A waping £107 million from the DCLG was trousered by the council sponsored landlord for transfers between 2005 & 2007

EastendHomes was given money as part of the stock transfer process from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) through the Transfer Programme fund. This funding was provided to do internal and external refurbishment works to the properties (including decent homes works), undertake various estate environmental improvements and a contribution towards developing new homes on these estates where applicable.


Transfer date No of Homes Amount £ per home

Mile End

2005 1477 £40,000,000.00 £27,081.92
Holland 2006 401 £15,000,000.00


Island Gardens

2006 830 £15,000,000.00


St Georges

2006 484 £27,000,000.00 £55,785.12


2007 345 £10,000,000.00


   TOTALS 3537