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Domestic Violence

We can help you if you suffer violence or threats of violence from:

  • your partner
  • ex-partner
  • family member

who is either living with you or harassing you in your home or neighbourhood

What is domestic violence?

It is controlling behaviour involving physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse within intimate and family relationships.

It happens across all communities. Most often it is committed by men against women, but also happens in gay and lesbian relationships and sometimes women abuse their male partners.

What we will do

  • take your complaint seriously
  • respect your right to make your own choices
  • provide you with regular and ongoing support
  • provide advice on tenancy and legal options
  • work in partnership with other agencies and make referrals where appropriate
  • treat your case in confidence

Reporting domestic violence

We are committed to helping anyone living with the fear of violence.
You can tell us about your circumstances by visiting your local housing office. Or you can telephone or write to us. Don’t hesitate to request to talk to a female officer.

  • Our main office and all neighbourhood centres are third-party reporting sites. This means we are able to report domestic violence to the police on your behalf.
  • You can tell the police or us if you suspect that your friend or neighbour is suffering from domestic violence

What are your options?

  • womens' refuge - if you choose to go to a refuge we can help you with a referral and assist you going there
  • homeless persons' unit - if you are fleeing domestic violence you have a right to receive help form any council in the country; if you choose to present yourself as homeless to Tower Hamlets Council or to any council, we can help with a referral
  • staying in your current home - there are options available to you if you choose to remain in your current home; you should discuss these with your neighbourhood officer.
  • making your home safe -we may be able to offer you security and safety measures such as lock changes and security alarms.
  • taking legal action - you may choose to take legal action against your abuser under criminal or civil law; we can refer you to the community safety unit of the police, or for civil action we can provide you with a list of solicitors that practice family law in the area.

You may choose to take no action at all. We will respect this choice and will still be available to help and advise you in the future.


Helpful numbers:

Tower Hamlets Women’s Aid - 07000 782 539
Domestic Violence National Helpline - 0808 2000 247
Police Community Safety Unit - 020 7275 4757
Refuge Crisis Line - 0870 599 5443
Tower Hamlets Victim Support - 020 8981 8421
Tower Hamlets Homeless Service - 020 7364 7230
East London Asian Family Counselling - 020 7377 8640
EastendHomes - 020 7456 6707 (office hours)


The Housing Corporation publication Behind Closed Doors provides detailed guidance and information that can help anyone that is or has experienced domestic violence.