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We define harassment as any act or action that is believed to be motivated by:

  • the victim
  • any witnesses
  • EastendHomes officers

For example

  • unprovoked assault or grievous bodily harm
  • damage to property
  • throwing missiles
  • vandalism
  • blocking your way
  • offensive graffiti
  • verbal abuse
  • spitting
  • threatening with animals

How to report harassment

Phone customer services on 0800 328 0970
Visit your local housing centre.

Contact the local police: Limehouse - 020 7515 1212

Always remember if you are in fear or require immediate assistance contact the police by dialling 999

What we will do

  • we fully investigate your complaint confidentially
  • we will only share information with other agencies such as the police with your agreement
  • we will keep you informed at every stage of the investigation
  • where there is sufficient evidence we will take action against identified perpetrators.
  • issue formal warnings
  • obtain court injunctions
  • seek anti-social behaviour orders
  • evict those in breach of tenancy

We are committed to ensuring all members of our communitylive free of harassment. With your help, support and co-operation we can develop an environment that celebrates diversity and allows us to live free from fear.