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Slivers of Time

The Slivers of Time programme is a government initiative championed by the Department of Communities and Local Government which allows individuals to sell their "spare hours" around other commitments to local employers who need ad hoc top-up workers.

The service was launched by EastendHomes as a pilot scheme in November 2006. In January 2007 a pool of workers were vetted and trained by a recruitment agency, 177 Care Ltd and they deal with the vetting process and payment of wages. To date we have employed 10 local residents who have regularly been selling their time. This work has helped one resident to take up full time work with a local solicitor.

EastendHomes have been able to tap into local resources of people who need to find work around other commitments (childcare, medical constraints, caring for a dependant adult, job-seeking, studying or retirement). We are now able to access a pool of individuals willing to work odd hours to cover peaks in demand or absences. Anyone who wants to sell their spare time registers themselves online and can make themselves available to all employers involved in the scheme.