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Useful information

Being a good neighbour

EastendHomes is committed to the provision of a high quality housing management service to all its residents. As part of that commitment EastendHomes recognises that all residents have a right to peace, quiet and security in their homes. This section contains advice on how to be a good neighbour and what action you and EastendHomes can take should antisocial behaviour occur.

Noise and nuisance

Consideration should be given to your neighbours at all times. Noise can be particularly disturbing to others.Vacuum cleaners, washing machines and noisy DIY tools should not be used late at night or early in the morning.

Action to deal with noise and nuisance

  • Talk to the person concerned. Do not be aggressive or threatening as they may not be aware they are disturbing you. Give them a chance to stop the nuisance or to see if a compromise can be worked out.
  • If the problem persists, speak to your Local Housing Centre.With your consent we will speak to your neighbour and advise them that a formal complaint has been received. You may be offered mediation in order to try and resolve the problem.
  • If the problem continues you will be asked to keep a diary to record any further incidents, noting down the date and time and a brief summary of the problem. This evidence will be necessary if EastendHomes is to take enforcement action against the perpetrator.
  • You can also make a report to the Council’s Environmental Health Team. The EHT may also ask you to keep a diary of the incidents, or in some cases they may come out to witness the noise nuisance.The EHT has the powers to take action if you can prove there is a case. You can take your own action through the local Magistrates Court. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 magistrates have the power to grant an injunction if you are able to prove that your health, comfort or convenience has been upset through neighbour nuisance. Your Local Housing Centre can give you more details or you can contact a solicitor or the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Household Refuse

Disposal of household refuse and larger unwanted items like furniture should not be a nuisance to neighbours. Please do not overload refuse chutes. Use bags of a suitable size that will fit easily into the hopper, as this will prevent the blockages to the chute.

Large bags of refuse that will not fit into the chute hopper should be placed in the refuse containers on the ground floor of your block. If bags of refuse are left or dumped in the block or on the estate,we will make every effort to identify where they have come from and will recharge the resident for the cost of clearing the refuse away. Never throw refuse over your balcony or out of windows and please let us know if you see anybody doing so.

If you have any large or bulky items, the Council’s Cleansing Section can make collections from your home. This service is offered free for some residents and at a low cost for residents who do not qualify. For further information, please telephone the Tower Hamlets Customer Contact Centre on 020 7364 6666.

It is your estate, help to keep it clean, tidy and safe.


Tower Hamlets Council operates a recycling scheme on your estates. At the present time they are able to recycle paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, telephone directories, glass bottles and jars, tins, clothes, and shoes. Household waste for recycling should be placed in a "Pink Recycling Bag", which should be kept indoors and brought out on collection days. If you require more information about this scheme, or if you do not have a "Pink Bag", please contact Tower Hamlets Customer Contact Centre on 020 7364 6666.

Harassment and violence

EastendHomes will not tolerate any form of violence (including domestic) or harassment towards residents, their families and visitors to the estate, contractors and members of staff. Harassment is the deliberate interference with the peace and safety of any person on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, religion, belief, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability and includes incidents of graffiti, damage to property, abuse or threats.

We will take prompt action to deal with anti-social behaviour wherever we can.We will help anyone suffering from harassment and try to solve problems locally by encouraging neighbours to talk to each other and with our staff. Where evidence allows and if talking to the perpetrator has failed to resolve the matter or in more serious cases of harassment or threatening behaviour, we will take further action.

We will support victims of harassment and will provide interpreters, women interviewers and involve the Police, Social Services and Victim Support. If you are the victim of any form of harassment from a neighbour, another resident or a visitor to the estate, you should report it immediately, to both the police and your Housing Officer either by phone, letter or calling in to the local housing centre. All reports of anti-social behaviour will be treated sensitively and confidentially. In cases where there are counter claims and insufficient evidence for Eastendhomes to take action, residents are advised to consider pursuing independent legal advice.

Equal Opportunities

EastendHomes recognises that groups in society may be discriminated against as a result of their gender, race, age, culture, disability, religion, or sexuality. EastendHomes is committed to opposing such discrimination and accepts the need to adopt positive policies to take account of discrimination against certain groups within the community in which we operate.

EastendHomes is committed to the provision of good quality, affordable housing in Tower Hamlets, which is an area with a large ethnic population mainly comprising people of Bangladeshi, Somali and Vietnamese origin. EastendHomes recognises the need to adopt policies and procedures that reflect the expectations of the community.

Adherence to EastendHomes Equal Opportunities Policy is a condition of employment for all staff and membership of the EastendHomes’ Local Resident Boards. EastendHomes requires all Board members, Resident Board members and staff to positively promote the policy and implement it throughout their range of duties on behalf of the organisation.

EastendHomes is committed to ensuring that the composition of the EastendHomes Board and any Local Resident Boards reflect the local community.

In order to provide a service to the community in which we operate, EastendHomes will provide translations of information into the main languages understood by the community. We will also make information available in other forms such as Braille and audio tape on request.

Claiming benefits which are available to residents of Tower Hamlets

If you are having financial difficulties you may be eligible to claim benefits through the council.

Purchasing goods and services

EastendHomes believes that we have a positive role to play in the local economy by promoting equal opportunities practices amongst other organisations it has contact with. Such organisations include contractors and suppliers of services to EastendHomes.

EastendHomes will monitor such organisations to ensure that they are committed to equal opportunities. Where appropriate a written commitment will be requested together with an Equal Opportunities policy.

Organisations will need to demonstrate that they comply with their responsibilities under the Race Relations Act 1976, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the relevant codes of practice.They must also demonstrate that in practice they do not discriminate against sections of the community in both recruitment and delivery of their service.

EastendHomes will expect other organisations to take prompt and firm action where there are proven cases of abuse or harassment by members of their staff against local residents, including EastendHomes tenants. Other organisations will be fully responsible for the actions of any staff employed by them either directly or indirectly through use of sub contractors.

If staff of EastendHomes become aware of acts of other organisations that are in conflict with EastendHomes Equal Opportunities policy, they will bring it to the attention of their line manager, who will advise what action to take. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action.


Council Services

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
London E14 2BG
Tel: 020 7364 5000

Leasehold Advisory Service

Provides independent, free advice for Leaseholders' and landlords on the law affecting residential leasehold property.

70-74 City Road
Tel: 0845 345 1993

Leaseholders' Valuation Tribunal

Residential Property
Tribunal Service
10 Alfred Place
Tel: 020 7446 7700

Legal Advice

Legal advice and assistance aimed at residents on low incomes.

Legal Advice Centre
University House
104 Roman Road
E2 0RN
Telephone: 020 8980 4205

Legal Advice Centre
Toynbee Hall
28 Commercial Street
E1 6LS
Telephone: 020 7247 6943

Island Advice Centre
Island House
Roserton Street
E14 3PG
Telephone: 020 7987 9379

Tower Hamlets Law Centre
214 Whitechapel Road
E1 1BJ
Telephone: 020 7247 8998


Bow Branch
Bow Road
E3 4DL
Telephone: 08701264014

Whitechapel Branch
32 Greatorex Street
E1 5NP
Telephone: 08701264014


Report suspected gas leaks on 0800 111 999.


Fires can start easily and spread very quickly. Be especially careful if you have young children in your family. If a fire starts (even a small one), get everyone out of the premises (do not use the lift); telephone 999 and ask for the FIRE SERVICE, give your address; tell the neighbours; do not return to the premises until you are told to do so.


You are strongly advised to fit smoke alarms and to check them regularly.


You are advised to have all boilers and fires inspected annually by British Gas or qualified Gas Safe Registered gas engineer.