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A Woolly Tale?

last modified  13/06/2008 08:15 AM

A Woolly Tale?


More on yesterday’s April 1st news story

Though it may be nice to picture sheep happily grazing our communal greens, inner-city gardens are perhaps not truly suitable for keeping sheep on and yesterday’s story was an April Fools.

However the need to look again at how we work so that we can move towards a more sustainable approach is not a joke and EastendHomes is thinking about small but significant ways to help our environment.

The Island Gardens Neighbourhood, one of the family of EastendHomes local housing management organisations, will begin on April 3rd their trial of a grounds maintenance approach that intends to put sustainability and environmental concern first.

It can be quite simple, common sense measures that help the environment; for example by composting our green waste we can return composted goodness to our communal flower beds and reduce reliance on artificial fertiliser. The coming months will show whether an environmentally orientated scheme can work when maintaining housing estate communal gardens. By involving residents in the project and providing our backing we think it can.

If you're interested in our journey towards a sustainable approach to work, or would like to volunteer to help the green approach at Island Gardens please email us at