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Coping with the cold weather

last modified  14/01/2013 15:45 PM

EastendHomes is keen to reinforce to our residents the importance of taking care and keeping safe during the expected period of inclement weather this winter. Extremely cold weather can cause mild hypothermia, which increases the risk of some illnesses, and icy conditions can contribute to more falls and injuries.

During periods of icy weather both EastendHomes and Tower Hamlets Council have systems in place to maintain roads and footpaths to keep them as clear from dangerous ice as possible. You can read about the Council's actions, including their priorities for which roads will be gritted, here. This page also contains some useful advice on clearing areas around your home.
Salt spread on the St George's Estate
EastendHomes clears paths and roads on our estates in accordance with our published Gritting Policy, which you can find here. We maintain stocks of grit for periods of icy weather and will work on paths to the best of our ability, however we ask that residents continue to take extra care during these periods.

Increased fuel costs are often a concern during periods of cold weather. As publicised in our Autumn newsletter to residents, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets is promoting a scheme known as THE Community Power, which seeks to reduce the costs of energy by buying in bulk. If you are interested in this scheme, call 0800 508 8364 or visit

If you feel particularly vulnerable during this period, or you know of a neighbour who you feel may benefit from regular contact, you may wish to consider the EastendHomes Safe & Well Scheme. This system is not designed to replace professional care workers but offers a regular contact with an EastendHomes employee on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. View the leaflet or call 0207 517 4714 for more information on this scheme.