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EastendHomes to explore working in partnership with THCH

last modified  03/04/2012 16:00 PM

On the evening of 29th March, the Boards of East London Social landlords EastendHomes (EeH) and Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH), agreed to explore partnership working.

Over the next few months, detailed discussions at Board level and consultation with residents will take place as the two organisations explore a number of partnership possibilities.

EeH and THCH share a similar history through the transfer of ownership and management of estates from Tower Hamlets Council. Both organisations have the same ethos of providing effective and efficient local housing services with an emphasis on resident involvement with collaboration at an informal level having taken place between the organisations for a number of years.

The discussions will explore how a partnership could have business benefits for both organisations and for residents. These will include service improvements through greater financial efficiencies and a reduction in central overheads.

A key objective of the discussions will be the potential for sharing the individual strengths of each landlord whilst safeguarding the distinctive characteristics of both organisations, both served by dedicated and hard-working employees.

Eastend Homes Chair, Martin Young said “Both our organisations already have a history of collaborative working and sharing good practice.

We have both achieved much since the estates were transferred and the logical next step to explore how working together in a partnership could help us to go and achieve even more in terms of improvements, value for money for existing rent and service charge paying residents and the building of more homes for local people”.

THCH Chair, Roger Booth said “In order for these explorative talks to go further, our objective is to add to the level of services we provide to our residents and the communities we serve and to achieve efficiencies through partnership working.

We are determined that any financial gains through partnership working are reinvested for the benefit of existing and future residents”.

Please let us know what you think of this proposal by email to adding "Partnership Proposal" in the subject field