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EastendHomes updates the company rulebook

last modified  25/04/2013 13:00 PM

The Board of EastendHomes has recently agreed to update the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company. These are legal documents which were originally drafted when the company was registered in 2002. They set out the powers by which EastendHomes is able to undertake its business activities and the rules and regulations for the conduct and administration of that business.
The proposed Memorandum & Articles will incorporate new legislation introduced since 2002 and changes to EastendHomes company policies and how the organisation is run.
During this period governance changes have taken place at Board and local level and generally with regard to how resident participation and scrutiny of service provision is undertaken. In response to what residents have told us, a wider range of formal and informal ways has been introduced to enable more residents to play a role in the work of the organisation, particularly with regard to estate regeneration, service scrutiny and community development initiatives.
The updated documents will therefore reflect how EastendHomes operates as a company and related policies changes including membership of the company which is no longer proposed to be open. This latter amendment will bring EastendHomes into line with similar social housing landlords (now known as Registered Providers) in Tower Hamlets.
In terms of formal governance at a local estate level, the proposed new Memorandum and Articles will reflect current arrangements, with local boards being the predominant method of engagement whilst maintaining the discretion for local estate areas to vary these arrangements, such as in the St Georges estate area which now has a Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) for the estate rather than a board.
The new Memorandum and Articles will continue to provide for this flexibility to enable estates to make their own local choices, as well as setting out the ways by which residents can be nominated to serve on the main Board of EastendHomes.
Copies of the current and proposed versions of these documents are available by clicking on these links – Current VersionProposed Version – or you can request a copy by contacting the Policy Team on 020 7517 4714 or in writing to FREEPOST, EASTENDHOMES.
Comments from tenants and leaseholders are welcome and should be made in writing to FREEPOST, EASTENDHOMES or to by 31st May 2013.