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Environmentally friendly lawn mowers

last modified  16/01/2008 08:15 AM

April 1st 2006

Environmentally friendly lawn mowers planned
New 'Green' emphasis for grounds maintenance

Always keen to find new ways to move towards a more sustainable approach to work, EastendHomes is pleased to unveil our trial of environmentally friendly 'lawn mowers'.

The Island Gardens Neighbourhood plans to trial the use of sheep to keep their communal greens trim. Paolo Agnello, new Head of Horticulture; “sheep like eating grass and don't need filling up with diesel. Therefore we reduce fuel bills and get our lawns mown”.

Ground floor residents with a back garden will be asked whether they can billet a sheep so that the sheep have a safe and secure place to stay at night.
Caretakers will bring their flocks back onto the communal greens in the morning and will be issued shepherds crooks to go with their more usual brooms.

One additional future benefit could be that instead of buying sweatshirts for the caretaking staff uniforms, wool from our sheep may be used for knitting work jumpers.

If you think that this is a good idea or have a suggestion on how we can move towards sustainability, please get in touch.