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Eviction and jail sentence for ASB tenant that brought misery to her neighbours

last modified  25/11/2008 08:15 AM

On Monday 10 November 2008 at Bow County Court an EastendHomes tenant was sentenced to a 42 day jail sentence for breaching the terms of her injunction order.

Responding to complaints from neighbours EastendHomes successfully obtained an injunction from Bow County Court in January 2008 to stop a tenant causing widespread Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) which seriously blighted the lives of her neighbour. The injunction would not have been granted without the full support of neighbouring residents who were willing to attend court and provide evidence on how their lives were being damaged by the tenant’s behaviour. .

But, in November Police, called to the property by neighbours, found the tenant to be in breach of the injunction. The police arrested the tenant and the following day the court sentenced the tenant to 42 days in prison and granted a Possession Order to EastendHomes. If the resident fails to vacate her property, the court will instruct its Bailiffs to carry out an eviction.

This case is another example of EastendHomes working in close partnership with the Police and LBTH to successfully stop ASB. None of this could have been achieved, however, without the full support of our residents who were willing to help us take action. EastendHomes will not tolerate any form of anti social behaviour and will ensure that action is taken so that nuisance neighbours are held accountable.