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Free products and tips to help save water

last modified  07/07/2012 09:00 AM

Don't be a drip!

Although saving water may not be at the forefront of many people's minds with the Great British summer currently delivering deluge after deluge, with Britain having had dry winters for the past few years it remains important for everyone to do their bit to save water.

All EastendHomes residents are customers of Thames Water, including many tenants for whom we collect water rates on their behalf. Thames Water have launched a website called
Water Wisely, which aims to offer advice and help on how everyone can help to cut down on the amount of water used in their household.

This site also offers a range of free products which can help you to cut down on your water usage. These include shower heads, tap heads and cistern fillers which will all help you to reduce the amount of water you use and are supplied for free by Thames Water. Residents with water meters fitted will be able to keep an eye on the amount of water they are using and notice the change. Visit the Water Wisely site to request a delivery.