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House Rules

last modified  10/11/2009 08:38 AM

"One Man's Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor"©

EastendHomes has teamed up with an award winning film company to produce a DVD called "House Rules". The film is based on the EastendHomes House Rules leaflet and is designed to help new tenants at their initial sign up stage. The DVD highlights some of the key issues that can cause problems for residents living in high density housing ranging from the failure to dispose of household refuse properly to playing music loudly at night.

Gill Parker, Housing Centre Manager for Mile End, arranged for the award winning film company, Rainbow Collective, to work with some of the young people from the East London Tabernacle youth club. Gill said she was keen to ensure that the young people played a central role in the project believing that they would be very effective at getting the message across – who better to remind residents about the importance of not smoking in the communal areas or recycling than these young lads. Gill feels her faith in the youngsters paid off and that because their comments are unscripted and natural their message is even stronger. 

The House Rules video can be watched via YouTube below. Play it and see if you think Gill is right.



©Paul Simon