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Housing Corporation Green Lights

last modified  27/05/2008 08:15 AM

April 2008

Green Lights for EastendHomes from Housing Corporation

EastendHomes has just received its second formal Housing Corporation Assessment (HCA) and we are delighted that we have retained the full set of green lights originally awarded in 2006.

The HCA is based on a number of documents and submissions which RSLs are required to make to the Corporation during the year, including the audited accounts. Overall these documents provide key information on EastendHomes performance as a social landlord in terms of the provision of services, the delivery of its regeneration programmes and the overall governance of the organisation, including the performance of the main board.

The Corporation Assessment (HCA) is based on what is known as a traffic light system, with an RSL being judged in terms of viability, governance, management and development (where Housing Corporation funding has been received). Each category is awarded either a red, amber or green light (green being the best assessment). EastendHomes has achieved a full set of traffic lights for those areas on which it was assessed.

Martin Young, Chair of the Board of EastendHomes said “I am delighted that we have retained our full set of green lights from the Housing Corporation. We have only been able to attain this through the hard work and commitment of all our staff. On behalf of the Management Team and the Board I would like to express our thanks to everyone, including residents for helping us to achieve this.