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More YES votes

last modified  16/01/2008 08:15 AM

30th September 2005

More Yes votes for EastendHomes

EastendHomes has had another double ballot success.

Figures released by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets confirmed that tenants on the Chicksand and Glamis estates voted by a significant majority to transfer to EastendHomes. Leaseholders on Glamis estate also voted in favour of the transfer.

Thanking tenants for their support, the Chief Executive of EastendHomes, Paul Bloss, stated: “EastendHomes will deliver better services and improved estates to the residents of Chicksand and Glamis. These ballots results mean that we can bring about change, which is only possible by working with local residents.”

Work now begins on the preparations for the formal transfer of the estates from the Council to EastendHomes. This is likely to take place in early 2006.

EastendHomes will bring £9.2m investment to the Chicksand estate and £10m to Glamis. In both areas residents will have the opportunity to help shape a new local housing service which will be directly accountable to local tenants and leaseholders from the estates.

Margaret Clark, Chair of the Glamis Steering Group and an EastendHomes board member said: “EastendHomes is thrilled to have secured yet another mandate to bring about improvements through a loud and clear Yes result in the ballots. Now we can begin making sure that all tenants and residents of Chicksand and Glamis estates transferring to EastendHomes get a decent home and an improved housing service.”