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New start for Mile End community

last modified  16/01/2008 08:15 AM

12th April 2005

EastendHomes Vice Chair "delighted" by Mile End estates transfer

Bernard Cameron, Chair of the Shadow Board of MECHT and Vice Chair of the EastendHomes RSL board said; "I’m delighted that the transfer has finally been completed. This is the result of over two years of hard work and I would like to pay tribute to the effort and determination of residents to secure the investment needed for our estates. We all look forward to the development of a new and improved housing service, particular when our new housing centre for Mile End opens in the summer. I would also like to thank my fellow members of the Mile End Shadow Board who have given up so much of their time to help in the setting up of our new organisation and to give my best wishes to the members of the new board of MECHT when they take up their positions after the formal elections."

The new local housing service will be overseen and directly accountable to the elected board of the Mile End Community Housing Trust (MECHT), which will the first of the local organisations set up to provide housing services to the estates that have chosen EastendHomes. The board will be made up of tenants and leaseholders who have been elected by fellow residents on their estates.

Local control and accountability are key commitments made by EastendHomes to the residents of the estates who have chosen to join the organisation.