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Preparing for the Olympics

last modified  11/05/2012 16:00 PM

At EastendHomes we're very excited about the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in London this summer but we're also busily preparing for the anticipated disruption caused by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of extra people into the capital.

We have been working with our contractors and staff to ensure that we are able to provide as near as normal service to our residents as possible with minimal disruption.

Therefore, please note that during the Olympic period the following will apply:

Our housing centres at Holland, Island Gardens, Mile End and St George's/Glamis will operate a telephone service from 9am to 5pm as usual, with a reception service from 10am-2pm.
Our estate services teams will operate on two shifts between 6am-2pm and 8am-4pm. No heavy machinery will be used before 8am.

Our repairs contractors and handypersons will continue to operate as normal a service as possible. However we anticipate some disruption to this service given the difficulty of travelling around London during this period. We ask that residents, wherever possible, report non-urgent repairs before the Olympics period begins or wait until after the disruption.

Parking enforcement will continue as normal during the Olympics period. Residents should be aware that enforcement of street parking will be extended to cover mornings and evenings during this time and that if you park on a street outside your home, you will need to request a 'Games permit', for free, from Tower Hamlets Council. It is suggested that if you live close to an Olympic event site, you only move your car from a streetside bay as a last resort as the increased volume of traffic in the area may lead to an increase in the flouting of parking rules.

We will continue to update residents with information related to the Olympics through the EastendHomes newsletter and any other useful methods as the Games get nearer.