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WARNING! Scams targetting Tower Hamlets residents

last modified  21/03/2013 12:00 PM

EastendHomes has become aware of suspected fraudulent activity targetting tenants in Tower Hamlets.

One such scam has seen flyers put through doors which claim to offer guaranteed rehousing under a government scheme to help those affected by the Welfare Reform Act. No such scheme exists and under no circumstances should you pay the 'processing fee' requested, nor submit your details to the sender as this may lead to you receiving further such correspondence.

Whilst rehousing those in Tower Hamlets looking for a move remains a challenge, the HomeSwapper service is a nationwide scheme to help people move and is FREE to EastendHomes residents. If you would like more information on how to boost your chances of making a move, speak to our Lettings team via 020 8880 7055.

There have also been recent cases of tenants of Tower Hamlets Homes receiving phone calls telling them that they are in rent arrears, and asking for bank details over the phone to make a payment (as featured here in the East London Advertiser). We have not had any reports of EastendHomes tenants being targetted by these calls but all residents should be aware of such scams. If EastendHomes' staff contact you we will cite the reference number you can find on your rent statements to prove who we are, and we also offer a range of payment methods. If you are ever unsure about who is calling you, call our Rents team back on 020 8880 7055, ensuring that the person who has phoned you has hung up before you call back.