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Care Promise

Customer care plays a key role in EastendHomes delivery of Decent Homes and estate improvements. Whilst works are in progress there will inevitably be disruption to tenants daily routine.

However we have entered into arrangements with our Contractor Partners to ensure courtesy and consideration at all times during the works to minimise this disruption.

The contractors undertaking the works know that customer care is a high priority. Below is the care standard which all contractors and their workforce will work to:

Before works start

EastendHomes will publish an annual programme confirming which properties will be included in the forthcoming programme.

  • EastendHomes will hold open days and pre scheme works meetings to explain about the proposed works to each estate before works are due to commence.
  • EastendHomes will take into consideration local views via the local Boards and our consultation process for each estate.
  • Tenants will receive a letter before the proposed start of the works from the Contractor. This letter will introduce the Resident Liaison Officer as a dedicated contact officer for the tenant and confirm a likely start date of the works.
  • Before the proposed start date the tenant will receive a visit from the Resident Liaison Officer who will explain the works to be carried out and inform the tenant of how to prepare for the works. Dustsheets and packing boxes will also be given out at this visit.
  • One week before the proposed start date the tenant will receive a letter from the Contractor confirming the start date. Also EastendHomes Project Officer will visit the tenant to confirm whether or not the tenant is eligible for the Decoration Service following the works. They will also check that the tenant has received all the information from the Contractor at the expected times and check that the tenant understands and is at ease with all the proposals.
  • The Resident Liaison Officer will visit the tenant at least three days prior to start date to make sure everything is in place to allow the works to commence on the agreed start date.
  • EastendHomes and the Contractor will take consideration of any specific needs tenants may have before starting works.
  • The Contractor will arrange for the storage of appliances and furniture if necessary.

During the works

  • The Contractor will always use clean dustsheets to protect floor coverings and furniture. Extra dustsheets are available to tenants at all times during the works.
  • The Contractor will ensure that work is carried out in a clean and acceptable manner and will clear away debris at regular intervals and at the end of the working day.
  • The Contractor will make sure that all services are available at the end of each day and that temporary heating, cooking, washing and toilet facilities are available at all times.
  • There will be noise during the works and the Contractor will be considerate. Contractors have a ‘no radio policy’ in your home.
  • If assistance is required to move heavy appliances and furniture the Contractor will help where necessary with the tenants permission.
  • All tenants will have access to the comfort home, which provides temporary facilities away from the noise and disturbance during the day.
  • All Contractors’ employees carry a photo identification card and show it to the tenants when visiting.
  • The Contractor and tenants should be courteous, polite and friendly at all times.
  • Contractors are sensitive to other people’s lifestyles, religious beliefs and ethnic origins.
  • Contractor’s vehicles will be parked in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • There is no smoking inside the tenant’s homes.
  • Contractors will not use tenants gas, electricity, telephone, tools or equipment without permission. All appointments will be met and tenants will be kept informed of progress at all times. It is important that tenants adhere to the appointment times, otherwise delays by the Contractor in completing works are inevitable.
  • Tenants are notified at least a day in advance if possible if appointments cannot be met. Equally the tenant needs to inform the Contractor of changes.
  • Tenants toilet facilities are not used by the Contractor unless permission is gained.
  • EastendHomes will provide an emergency out of hours service for evenings, weekends and holidays to respond just in case anything goes wrong.

After the works are complete

  • The Contractor will keep your home tidy and as clean as possible.
  • On completion the Contractor will ask you to sign to say that you are satisfied with works to your home and that all the works are completed.
  • The Contractor will provide you with a handover pack explaining how your new fixture work and what to do if anything goes wrong.
  • The Contractor will rectify any minor faults you identify to us within three working days.
  • The Contractor will contact you after 12 months to ensure that everything is working satisfactory.
  • EastendHomes will invite you to tell us how we can improve the way we delivered the works to your home.