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Green Policy


  • EastendHomes recognises the role organisations and individuals can play in environmental sustainability.
  • EastendHomes will consider the environmental impact in all its work and minimise that impact wherever and whenever possible.
  • EastendHomes will identify a ‘green champion’ in its workforce and set up an “Eco Group” to ensure that the environmental effect of all policies and procedures are considered and decisions implemented.
  • EastendHomes is aware that it works in an area of multiple deprivation and that implementation of this policy should be primarily cost effective.


  • EastendHomes acknowledges that the workplace is a consumer of energy and that savings can be made in both energy use and cost of energy. EastendHomes will work with environmental organisations to identify where savings can be made within the office environment without detriment to working conditions.
  • Energy supplied from environmentally sustainable sources will be preferred for all workplaces where appropriate and cost effective.
  • EastendHomes will ensure that all waste paper and toner cartridges are recycled and will investigate recycling glass, plastics, cans and any other appropriate waste items.
  • Recycled products such as paper will be used in the office if cost and quality is competitive.
  • EastendHomes offices will use fairly traded products such as coffee, tea and fruit juices in the office and at public and other meetings.
  • EastendHomes offices will use biodegradable ‘green’ cleaning products etc wherever possible.


  • EastendHomes will work with the local council and recycling organisations to ensure that easily accessible recycling facilities are available to all our residents.
  • EastendHomes will actively promote recycling and environmental sustainability amongst our residents
  • The benefits of communities working together to improve estates is recognised and supported by EastendHomes. A programme to actively promote ‘greening’ of estates will be introduced including measures such as community tree planting and the promotion of gardening clubs. Links will be made with organisations such as ‘Trees for Cites’ to achieve these aims.
  • New estate planting schemes will introduce plants that have resistance to drought.
  • The use of energy from renewable sources for communal heat and light will be introduced where cost effective.
  • Initiatives using stand-alone sustainable means of producing energy such as solar power or wind turbines will be introduced where appropriate and cost effective.


  • When selecting contractors EastendHomes will consider their policies on ‘green issues’, if all else is equal the contractor with the most environmentally friendly policies will be selected.
  • The use of sustainable energy features such as solar panels and wind turbines will be considered for all new EastendHomes developments and refurbishment schemes.
  • New homes developed by EastendHomes will have a high SAP rating.
  • Water butts will be fitted to all individual gardens where possible and EastendHomes will consider the introduction of ‘brown water’ recycling systems if suitable on new developments.
  • The environmental impact of all materials and fixtures and fittings used in EastendHomes developments will be considered including whether from sustainable sources and length of journey from origin.
  • ‘Modern methods of construction’ will be considered for all new EastendHomes developments to minimise environmental impact.

Green policy