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Resident Involvement & Participation

Local delivery of services, decision making and accountability are at the heart of EastendHomes approach. Our local estate boards and steering groups are made up of tenants and leaseholders who live on the estates and this involvement ensures that residents have a real say in how local services are shaped and provided.

EastendHomes approach to resident involvement means:

  • Knowing more about what our residents and communities want from us.
  • Giving every opportunity for people to be involved, providing support and reducing the barriers that prevent participation.
  • Enabling residents to have a real say and influence over what we do and decide.
  • Sharing information with customers openly, in formats that suit all.

EastendHomes operates a budget known as the Community Chest, which is distributed by our local boards to support community projects for the benefit of our estates. Details of this scheme can be found here.