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How to report a repair

If you have an emergency repair outside of working hours please call 0300 123 0728.

You can report a repair by calling, visiting or emailing your Local Housing Centre:

  • Or by writing to your housing officer.

When you report a repair you will need to tell us:

  • your name, address and phone number;
  • a full description of the problem;
  • whether you have any special needs; and
  • whether you would like an appointment.

For repairs that we have to come into your home to do (except emergency repairs), we will offer you a convenient appointment between 8am and 5pm.

We aim to get your repair right first time

At EastendHomes we are committed to providing an excellent repairs service for all our residents. This is a high priority for us because we know it makes a real difference to your life. We aim to carry out repairs on time and to a high standard, and we will use properly skilled tradespeople. We achieve this by working closely with our partners and making sure that our in-house ‘handypersons’ scheme is fully supported and properly managed. We have consulted residents and, with your help, we have come up with the service standards listed below. We welcome your feedback and involvement to help us achieve ongoing improvement in our service.

As our tenant, you have the right to expect us to do repair work quickly and efficiently when you report a repair.

We promise to:

  • do our best to complete your repairs quickly, within set deadlines and at a time that suits you;
  • keep you updated on the progress of your repair;
  • keep your home in a satisfactory and safe condition, including carrying out gas-safety checks and servicing each year;
  • provide an emergency out-of-hours repairs service when our offices are closed;
  • continually monitor our contractors’ performance and their quality of work to make sure you are getting a good service; and
  • provide a repairs services that is effective, cost-efficient and responds quickly to your needs.

We are responsible for repairs to:

  • the structure of your home and outside walls;
  • chimneys and roofs;
  • window frames;
  • outside doors;
  • drains and guttering;
  • gas, water and electrical services;
  • plumbing, cisterns and overflows;
  • kitchen worktops; and
  • areas that you share with your neighbours, such as stairways and hallways.

If a repair needs doing because someone in your household has caused the damage deliberately or by being careless, you must either do the repair yourself or we will ask our contractor to do the repair and charge you the cost of the work.

Gas leaks

If you can smell gas, call National Grid free on 0800 111 999 immediately.

Electricity, gas and water supplies

If you are having problems with the metered or mains supply for your gas, electricity or water services, you should contact your supplier. You will usually find their phone number on your bill or any other letters you have received from them.

You are responsible for repairs to and replacing:

  • doors inside your home (in other words, not your front or back door);
  • draught excluders;
  • plugs and chains in sinks, basins or baths;
  • toilet seats;
  • window glass on the inside;
  • floor and wall tiling (except splashbacks, which are tiled panels behind sinks or cookers);
  • individual garden gates, fences and paths;
  • kitchen units (except worktops); and
  • decorations inside your home.

What if I cannot do the repair myself?

We will do the repairs if you are over 60 or if you have a disability (and there is no-one else living with you who is able to do the repairs for you). For other tenants, we can arrange to have these repairs done by our contractor and charge you the cost of the work.

How do I report an emergency repair out of office hours?

You should call the Repairs Help Centre on 0300 123 0728.

This service is for reporting emergency repairs which, if not dealt with immediately, could cause injuries or further damage.

How long will it take?

Our aim is to complete each repair on the first visit, to the best possible standard.

Depending on the type of repair, we will put it into one of three categories.

  • Emergency – respond within one hour and completed within 24 hours.
  • Urgent – respond and complete within 7 calendar days. Appointment to be within 5 calendar days of reported date
  • Routine - respond and complete within 28 calendar days. Appointment to be within 10 calendar days of reported date

Our technical staff may need to inspect some repairs before we issue an order for the work. If this is the case, we will agree a convenient appointment with you for the inspection when you report the repair.

Working in your home

When our contractors are working in your home, they will:

  • show you their identity card as soon as they arrive;
  • treat you politely and with respect;
  • take care with your possessions;
  • protect all surfaces near the area where they are working;
  • clean up afterwards; and
  • not smoke in your home.

We expect our contractors to treat you with respect so it is only fair that you treat them with the same respect. We ask you:

  • to keep appointments, but if you can't do so then to let us know as soon as possible;
  • to be polite and co-operative;
  • to make sure the area the contractors are working in is safe and clean before they start;
  • to keep children and pets in another room or safely away from the work area; and
  • not to smoke while the contractors are working.

If you have any problems with one of our contractors, please contact your Local Housing Centre.

Keeping you informed

After you report a repair, we will send you a repair receipt. This receipt will confirm details of the repair and any appointment we have arranged with you.

If our contractors are not able to complete the repair on their first visit, they will leave a card explaining when they will come back to finish the repair.

Tell us what you think

We want to know what you think about our repairs service. Your feedback will help us to improve.

The repair receipt we give you will include a satisfaction survey for you to fill in once the repair has been finished. We also carry out random surveys of completed repairs, usually by phone, although we may also visit your home to check on the quality and your overall satisfaction with the service you received.

If you tell us you were unhappy with the quality of a repair, we will arrange for one of our staff to visit you and agree with you how to sort out the problem.

Gas safety and servicing

Each year, we will carry out a safety inspection of all gas appliances in your home. Our contractor will write to you to arrange an appointment to carry out this work. It is very important for your safety to make sure that you allow our contractors into your home. If we do not get a reply when we arrive at your home to do this work, we will take legal action to force you to let us in to carry out the safety work.

Our internal decorations programme

In partnership with the council and other housing associations, we have introduced a scheme for elderly or disabled tenants to decorate the inside of their homes. If the money is available under the scheme, we can decorate two rooms in your home every five years if you qualify for this scheme. Your Local Housing Centre will have copies of the leaflet ‘Decorating for older and disabled tenants’, which gives more information.

Emergency repairs

We will respond to emergency repairs within one hour and complete them within 24 hours.

  • Damage to outside doors or windows following a break-in, vandalism, racial attack or domestic violence, which means you cannot lock them.
  • Outside window locks or door locks that are not working.
  • You have been locked out and we are responsible.
  • Banister (stair handrail) is loose or has come off altogether.
  • Total loss of heating or hot water for elderly, frail or disabled tenants, or between 15 September and 31 May.
  • Total loss of water supply.
  • Toilet not working (if it is the only toilet in your home).
  • Blocked toilet, main drain or soil pipe.
  • Total loss of electricity supply.
  • Unsafe electrical wiring or fittings.
  • Total loss of lighting on the shared staircase.
  • Severe storm or flood damage (see note below).
  • Lift has broken down.
  • Stairlift in your home has broken down.
  • Total failure of your block's entry-phone system.
  • Broken or damaged window or door glass (see note below).
  • Obscene or racist graffiti.
  • Burst water main (see note below).
  • Total loss of gas supply.
  • Gas leak (phone National Grid on 0800 111 999).
  • Fire damage (see note below).
  • Blocked flue.
  • Roof leaks (see note below).

Note: our contractor will investigate these repairs and ‘make them safe’ only.

Urgent repairs

We will complete urgent repairs within seven days (including weekends) from the date you reported the repair.

  • Partial loss of electrical supply (for example, electrical faults affecting one room or an individual fitting).
  • Minor plumbing leaks (a leak that we can stop or that is not causing damage).
  • Total loss of heating or hot water between 1 June and 14 September.
  • Partial loss of heating or hot water between 15 September and 31 May (for example, faulty individual radiators or heaters, or loss of hot water where you have another way of getting hot water, such as an immersion heater).
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin.
  • Toilet not working (if you have another toilet in your home).
  • Faulty overflow.
  • Faulty flooring or stair tread.
  • Your entry-phone connection is not working.
  • Graffiti in shared areas.
  • Faulty extractor fan.
  • Faulty shared TV aerial.
  • Uneven or loose paving around your home.

Routine repairs

We will complete routine repairs within 28 days (including weekends) from the date you reported the repair.

  • Renewing or replacing storage tanks and hot-water cylinders.
  • Replacing sanitaryware (bath, basin or toilet) and fittings not considered to be urgent or emergency repairs.
  • Replacing glass in windows and doors in shared areas.
  • Repairs to blocked or leaking gutters and rainwater pipes.
  • Minor repairs to window frames, roofs and floors.
  • Repairs to walls, brickwork, slates or tiles.
  • Repairs to shared walls, fences and paths.
  • Minor repairs to steps and staircases.
  • Repairs to garages, store sheds, locking posts (in the parking areas) and fences.
  • Replacing kitchen worktops.
  • Repairs to wall or ceiling plasterwork.
  • Repairs to splashbacks (wall tiles around the bath, basin or sink).
  • Fixing doors and windows on the outside of the building if they are difficult to open or close.
  • Other minor day-to-day repairs or replacements.