Author: GTEM19889



Well today is a big day for Gordon House on the Glamis estate.

10 of the residents (leaseholders) in Gordon house have applied to go to tribunal about the extremely high service charges in the block. Our case had to be in today.

It is interesting to note that we managed to get an awfull ot of data about the accounts and invoices for service charges over the past since 2007. It was certainly very interesting, but very time consuming working through all of this to see what our money is being wasted on.


Estate Parking

So today we had some friends visit and decided to get a visitors car permit during the week. My wife went to the Estate office on Tuesday as it seems that is no longer open on other days. Only to be told she needs ID and to go to Cheviot House instead.

On Friday she went to Cheviot house but could only buy a book of 10 tickets minimum. We hardly ever have visitors by car. These 10 tickets are only valid for a year and I doubt I will ever be able to finish using them.