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Getting the monster back in the cage

Well done and thank you Rachael! At last we have a Labour Councillor who refuses to collude in the conspiracy of silence the Council has been maintaining around the deviant development of its offshoot, EastendHomes.

It was obvious to anyone listening to the debate about Eric & Treby Estates in the Council Chamber last Tuesday night that something has gone terribly wrong in the making of EeH, as Rachael reported to her fellow Councillors what she has now seen at first hand and EeH residents have been saying since stock transfer:


EastendHomes – community-led housing provider?

EastendHomes – community-led housing provider? – concerns about EeH’ relationship with its residents

What was the thinking behind the setting up of EeH?

In the consultations with estate residents leading up to stock transfer, Tower Hamlets Council described EeH as a new ‘community-led’ landlord’. (Open House Issue 9)

β€œThe proposed structure for the council-sponsored landlord is as follows:


Is EastendHomes Walking its Talk?

Following a number of posts/replies/comments about how representative EeH’ Main Board is, residents from a number of estates have asked to have a list of questions answered at the organisation’s AGM. They are challenging...