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EEHLFA Manifesto

EEHLFA MANIFESTO Island Garden, St Georges, Glamis, Mile End and Holland Estates Transparency Accountability Value for Money Leaseholders and Freeholders on EEH Estates – an opportunity to work together to achieve justice and fair...


Getting the monster back in the cage

Well done and thank you Rachael! At last we have a Labour Councillor who refuses to collude in the conspiracy of silence the Council has been maintaining around the deviant development of its offshoot, EastendHomes.

It was obvious to anyone listening to the debate about Eric & Treby Estates in the Council Chamber last Tuesday night that something has gone terribly wrong in the making of EeH, as Rachael reported to her fellow Councillors what she has now seen at first hand and EeH residents have been saying since stock transfer:


Registered Anti-social Landlords

News is about that registered social landlords in the borough are trying to make life difficult for any real resident involvement. This may not be a surprise to some…….. Housing councillor Marc Francis admits...


Who is Paul Bloss?

It would perhaps be useful, before we enumerate East End Homes’ virtues and achievements, for us to know who PAUL BLOSS is. This is the man who is ensconced at the top of the...


Estate Parking

So today we had some friends visit and decided to get a visitors car permit during the week. My wife went to the Estate office on Tuesday as it seems that is no longer open on other days. Only to be told she needs ID and to go to Cheviot House instead.

On Friday she went to Cheviot house but could only buy a book of 10 tickets minimum. We hardly ever have visitors by car. These 10 tickets are only valid for a year and I doubt I will ever be able to finish using them.