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The application has been recommended for approval and will be considered by the committee on Tuesday 15 December.

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The plan presented to residents in 2004.

….and the 2009 version.

The new plans are remarkably similar to the old plans (with the addition of an extra building). For anyone who thought they may have missed any additional consultation Eastendhomes undertook with residents – don’t worry – there wasn’t any. There is under town planning legislation 21 days notice for comments – this is required by law – this deadline was 23rd November.

In EastendHomes re-submitted building plans they address the four reasons why the old plans were refused by the Strategic Development Committee at the Town Hall 23 September:

  • Loss of open space
  • Not enough provision of social housing
  • Loss of car parking (especially disabled car parking)
  • Amenity and design

But in fact the amendments are so minute that by rights these new plans should be refused as well.

And that is why the arguments in objections to the previous plans are still good.


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  • How can the planning department recommend these plans for approval when they know:

    1)There is not the infrastructure to support the number of people they would bring into the area

    2)The feelings of the local residents who are clearly against these plans

    3)The lost of open space

    4)The buildings are not in keeping with the local area

    I would like to see both councillors and representatives from the planning department walk around the estate with copies of these plans in their hands so they can visualise the effect / overdevelopment that the plans represent.

    All should be doing what they can to improve the area, not turn it into an overcrowded slum.

    Listen to the local people.

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