Planning application update

Strategic Development Committee…….Decision has been deferred until the next meeting – Thursday 25 June at 7.30pm (please note they have changed the time)

Wednesday 13 May, the Strategic Development Committee voted 2 for and 2 against the plans; the chair chose to defer the item (and not use his casting vote). This means the application will be on the agenda again for the next meeting in about a months time. Three Eric and Treby residents spoke against the present plans – read their speeches here. Local councillor Ahmed Hussain spoke in support of residents concerns and Steven Inkpen from Eastendhomes spoke in favour of the application.

Agenda and decisions on the LBTH website can be read here.

Some of the issues raised at the meeting by members of the committee, residents and a local councillor:

The loss of open space
Only 19 additional social housing units in an area where more is needed
Building in conservation area (Brokesley Street)
Waste water disposal issues around the new block to be built on Brokesley Street.
Playspace for children – the plans will give 3sqm per child, the London Plan asks for 10sqm per child
Reduction in car parking.

Mention was also made of some sort of financial shortfall Eastendhomes has of £4 million – but as this is not a planning matter it will not effect the application. I am sure we will be kept up to date by reading our regular Eastendhomes newsletters.

NEW Download and print poster for Ennerdale – Derwent – Beckley from here
NEW Download and print poster for Loweswater – Eric Street from here

In addition to the Ennerdale and Derwent petition, Beckley House and English Street submitted a petition against sites 11 (end of Loweswater), site 12 (outside Beckley on the small car park), site 13 (at the end of English Street where the garages are) and site 15 (on the corner of Hamlets Way and Eric Street where the bedsits have already been demolished).

A big thank you to all of you who took the time to consider signing the petition. (See petition here)

More news to follow……..


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  • Members who were present and had a vote at the last meeting, 13 May, and who can vote again on Thursday 25 June:

    Shafiqul Haque: Chair. Labour (abstained from voting)

    Marc Francis: Deputy at last meeting, now a member. Labour (voted for the plans)

    Stephanie Eaton: Member. Lib Dems (voted against the plans)

    Shahed Ali: Member. Labour (voted for the plans)

    Tim Archer: Member at last meeting, now a deputy. Conservatives (voted against the plans)

    The Council's Planning officers present the case to the members. But residents' objections are only presented as one-liners which makes it look as if there isn't much objection at all!

    Therefore it is important that the members receive your objections.

    e-mail your objections and any background information to the members:

    cllr.shafiqul.haque@towerhamlets.gov.uk, cllr.marc.francis@towerhamlets.gov.uk, cllr.stephanie.eaton@towerhamlets.gov.uk, cllr.shahed.ali@towerhamlets.gov.uk, tim@tarcher.fsbusiness.co.uk

    All objections should also go to Planning. More details here

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