PUBLIC MEETING MONDAY 15 JUNE 2009 at The Tabernacle 7PM

EastendHomes have not consulted residents properly on their building plans, so residents from Eric, Treby and Brokesley organised a public meeting for an open discussion

70 residents attended the public meeting organised by local residents at the Eric & Treby estates held at the East London Tabernacle, Monday 15 June 2009.

Two local councillors spoke: Ahmed Hussain (Conservative) spoke against EastendHomes’ plans and Abjol Miah (Respect) spoke about housing issues borough wide. One of the points he made was that the council estates that voted no to transfer or pulled out of the Housing Choice process (e.g. Pitsea and Malmesbury) are now having new windows fitted and repairs done.

Points raised by residents were that EastendHomes would not be able to manage so many more properties when they can’t manage the ones they have now.

One resident brought up the point that the original idea of social housing was light, green space and communal areas which are now going to be taken away from us. He has had other architects look at the plans and they reckoned the plans were flawed and look like desperation.

A resident pointed out that we have rights…

A show of hands concluded that nobody on the affected estates was in favour of the plans.

Another point brought up was why this is one big planning application (13 proposed sites) and not a number of smaller applications dealing with each site individually. It was suggested by one resident the ease of pushing through one large application where only two objectors are allowed to speak rather than smaller applications where objections could be dealt with in a more detailed manner.

At the end of the meeting residents were keen to continue the struggle against the plans and pledged to send in individual objections to the planning department and to attend the Strategic Development Committee meeting 25 June at the Town Hall, 7.30pm.

All comments and suggestions to help with the opposition of the current plan will be most welcome – send via the contact page here or email comment@eastendhomes.info

EastendHomes want to fill our estates with new build – but there are issues:

• Loss of all our open space due to new buildings – and no replacement

• Buildings too close together, cramming us in

• Only 19 additional social housing units in an area where more is needed, demolition of 2 blocks already taken place

• Children’s play area is below national requirement: The plans will give 3sqm per child, the London Plan asks for 10sqm per child

• Unsuitable usage of new blocks and waste water disposal issues in Brokesley Street

• Loss of car parking

• Is the project of estate regeneration still viable considering a shortfall of £4 million and the current market?

• And all your own issues – and more!!

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The planning application will be considered again at:

The Strategic Development Committee Meeting
Town Hall
Thursday 25 June 2009

All residents invited.

Eric, Treby & Brokesley – 13 sites – 1 planning application.



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  • The planning application will be considered again at the Town Hall on this coming Thursday 25 June. Another vote will be taken - and this could be the final one.

    We, all residents on the estates, need to get the message across to the Planning Department at the Council that there are still issues we are not happy about.

    Get your objections to them as soon as you can so that the members of the committee will vote against the current plans.

    Talk to your neighbours and spread the word - then take action.



  • The AGENDA for the Strategic Development Committee meeting on Thursday 25 June 7.30pm at the Town Hall is here

    Read through for inspiration for your objections - do you think the responses the Council have obtained on the issues raised by the members are fair and fulfilling? (see pages 24 - 27 CONSIDERATIONS)

    GET WRITING - or we will be lumbered with overbuilt which will stay here for 100's of years.

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