News from the Leaseholders Meeting 19th November

EeHlfa is now established as a borough-wide group, linking up leaseholders and freeholders across EeH estates after a meeting on the Isle of Dogs on 19th November

Attending were:-

….and many Leaseholders from all Eastendhomes Estates from around the borough. Standing room only.

Two late arrivals (a couple of years too late) Mr Paul Bloss – an executive film producer who dabbles in Social Housing Management and a Mr Peter Gibbs were not invited and not allowed in.

Linda Standing an EEH Anti-social Behaviour Officer spoke about the progress being made with ASB around the Manchester Road area. Proving that in this area at least EEH is making progress in improving the environment for residents.

Martin Young (Chair of the main Board EEH) bravely attempted to respond to some serious questions from residents. Though seemed to get in a bit of a pickle over the number of leaseholders on the main board.

The setting up of the new assocition is moving with along with great support.
Click here for the press release
Click here for report in The Wharf

For the first time we have a strong, unified voice to take forward a joint campaign to bring about real change for leaseholders and freeholders on EeH estates.
Are you worried about

  • unjustifiable hikes in service charges?
  • major works contributions running into tens of thousands?
  • EeH attitude that, whether the costs they pass on to us are reasonable or not, we are told to “pay up or be taken to court”, wasting even more of our money?


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  • Whilst new to being interested / involved in the association and therefore lack experience of dealing with EEH, and I may be over optimistic in what can be achieved, I would like to see a more positive approach in the dealings with EEH and not to see comments like "a couple of years too late" - I do not know the individuals but do not feel that these type of comments help in developing a working relationship with EEH.

    At the meeting Martin Young appeared to be a very reasonable person, and as with many organisation may have been let down by people and / or systems within East End Homes, so I would like to see an invite to Martin Young for him to suggest a way for constructive talks to be established with EEH's and at what level.

    In time, and in some blocks fairly soon, I would expect to see the number of leaseholders to be in the majority in the block and therefore it is in both sides interest to work towards a system that is equitable for all.

    EEH also need to be more forthcoming in being prepared to engage with local residents and compromise on their ambitions, particularly with the new builds they wish to erect in Mile End - these are massive over developments and residents will rightly push for their rejection - but by scaling these back and talking with residents a plan which is supported by all could be achieved.

    Compromise is needed on all sides.

    • Hi - glad that you're taking an interest and becoming involved with EeH residents' groups. Hope to catch up with you at the upcoming EEHLFA meeting that is being arranged for the Mile End Estates. Once you know a bit more about the issues and the history, you may be a bit clearer where some of the rest of us are coming from!

    • EEH management are bullies hiding behind their facade of a "community led" landlord. I think Martin Young is in fact a reasonable guy, but he cannot control the real bullies: Paul Bloss, Peter Gibbs, and Steve Inkpen. Break up Bernie Camerons block board vote by fighting for splitting up of his huge empire.

      • Is Martin Young 'in fact a reasonable guy', really? Or is that merely another EEH facade? Paul Bloss may be a bully but he is only so because none stand up to him and because he is in reality the Council's creature. He feels invulnerable because he has the Borough's might and our money in vast array behind him. I doubt that he would be quite as he presently seems if he felt in the least accountable. Paul Bloss is a Council protected species and this because they need someone who will do as they say. That is why he was appointed, in reality. Talent - and much less ability properly to deal with people in a reasonable and civilised fashion - had very little to do with his parachuting into a job for which all too many others are perhaps better qualified. Anyone who gainsays EEH senior management ends up on their hit list. They will silence and suffocate any real or effective criticism. Estate staff will assist and join in by bad-mouthing anyone 'awkward' and do not think that threats or lies are out of the question because to believe that really would be to give a hostage to what has already demonstrated itself to be appallingly bad fortune. Curing the disease is the only option if anyone wants a decent life under EEH. It requires radical surgery, both high and low, to remove the malignant parts. Anyone who does not recognise that needs seriously to review and to reassess his grip on reality. Russell Berry, Glamis Estate

  • Not sure who has posted this. No name

    I don't really like writing on a board. But I feel that before some-one adds something they should know the true facts

    They seem to think that bullying leaseholders to pay up or court as I know only to well, that's what they tried to do with me & made me ill.

    Is this the way to deal with a problem of their own making !!!!

    Do you know all the points of our fight since set up of EEHLA in July 2007
    Doubling of charges - drop in service. When a promise was made to reduce charges at the their offer meetings, Which by the way leaseholders votes did not count.
    At least LBTH had in place a proper disbute procedure

    EEHLA had a rejection letter in Jan 08 from Paul Bloss . The board feel that they have enough area boards to deal with Leaseholders !!! Most of the area boards are made up of people who are tenants.
    When Martin was asked on Thurday how many Leaseholders are on the Main Board he could not answer?

    Martin Young was invited at meeting in Oct 2008 to go back to the board requesting a meeting to discuss Leaseholder issues at board level so that we could work with EEH and move forward to benifit each sde.

    This never happened. At a meeting in Oct 2009 which we wre invited to by Paul Bloss the message was clear that it was a PR meeting but we are not getting any further. Pay up.

    This was very disappointing to the commitee that attended. We went along with great hope of making progress but felt we wasted over 2 hours. We have tried talking. we have tried asking. It takes two parties to have a conversation


    Gloria R Thienel

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