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  • Huge congratulations to Mark and all of his colleagues, and a huge thanks to Tim Archer. Heaven knows how the decision would have gone without his strong presence on the committee. Could there be green democracy shoots appearing within LBTH? Could those green shoots be due to the fact that the Parliamentary Labour Party are investigating the bad decisions made by LBTH labour council? We can all live in hope. Once again WELL DONE!!

    • I think that the Tory party are using this as a political step they were in favor of housing choice and in fact voted against the first objections that went into planning

      Tim Archer is a public schoolboy and a city executive and the rest of the Tories that stand in Tower Hamlets apart from Cllr Hussein who was elected as a Respect councillor are all careerist
      and they have no real interest whatsoever for working class people

      Personally the Respect Party were the only party that have objected to all the RSLs and the dirty tricks used during ballots' transfers' and planning applications'

      Is a great victory that the planning application has been good for the residents of Mile End East but we should not get carried away with the europhya of the Tories going all out trying to gain brownie points

      The Worst thing to happen to Tower Hamlets is to see a Tory council because if you think nu Labour are bad they will be worse

      I think our thanks should be going to the Respect Party because they have always been on the side of the residents of this borough and they do not have to blow there trumpet to show they are working on our behalf

      • Well thank you for that observation,
        And don't be fooled all of us' residents that are under rule by "East End homes" and there gestapo tactics are fully aware what the Tory party are all about MY GOODNESS Thatcher was the one who started the whole bloody mess in the first place and the poodle government under Blair just carried on implementing there policies but in a watered down way.

        The Tories are as we all know a bunch of buffoons and because of there public school education are well able to use the right words when need be but the Tories USE FORK Tongue and we all know what they are all about.

        But I do completely agree that The Respect Party have been the only party throughout who have been total support to the people Of Tower Hamlets.
        And I am sure that were very fortunate to have Galloway there to push them along
        All I know I do not have to Listen to propaganda and words I just look at what the Respect Party have managed to achieve so far and i certainly feel that if we never had them in opposition we would be a million times worse.

        All I can say is bring on the next council elections and the next general election and we can get Galloway in Fitzpatrick's seat and The Respect councillor Miah who spoke at our meeting with true sincerity both elected with a Respect party in power in the town hall will see the change that is needed in Tower Hamlets for the good of all and then we will see the Olympic legacy there for all to benefit from not just the privileged few Tories

        • Hey you guys, I wasnt praising the Tory Party, I was praising the fight that Tim Archer put up at the application. I am a Respect member, and I agree 100%
          with what you say about the Respect Party!

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