Strategic Development Committee meeting – Wednesday 23 September 7pm at the Town Hall

The application submitted by Eastendhomes to the SDC Meeting was finally laid to rest.

The Strategic Development Committee Members had voted against the plans at previous meetings for at least four reasons. Yet again, the Planning Department decided their own course of action and offered only one reason – the loss of open space.

They tried to justify this by claiming that the other three reasons were not strong enough to withstand a legal challenge.

The Committee Members fortunately saw through this and pushed officers to
give a full report on all four reasons to be voted on by members. These

  • Loss of open space
  • Not enough provision of social housing
  • Loss of car parking (especially disabled car parking)
  • Amenity and design

A vote was taken and – after a mis-count! – the Committee decided 3-2 to
reject the application on all four counts.

The best result we could hope for!

We now await EastendHomes’ response.


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  • It is likely the East End Homes will appeal or submit a new application and it is important that residents / leaseholders continue to voice their opinions otherwise it will look as if objections to the plans have reduced / gone away.

    The plans represented a massive overdevelopment of the area and if ever went ahead anywhere near the proposals just rejected would have a massive detremental affect on residents in the area.

    Congratulations on your success to date.

  • Well done Eric & Treby, your residents turned up, supported your estates and won! It was so sad that no-one from St. Georges Estate turned up to oppose their similar terrible over-development. You all PROVED that YOUR voices were heard. Come on St. Georges, wake up and smell the coffee!

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