Estate Boards – Why So Mysterious?

I am hearing so many stories of Estate Boards that appear to have absolutely no consultation with the residents that it is supposed to be representing.Residents don’t know when the Board meets, who the Board consists of. and how to contact the Board. The worse thing is that your boards get a financial grant from EEH, that grant is for reidents, do you know how they spend it? This is a disgrace! There is no point in getting advice about your Estate Board from EEH as you will hit a brick wall. EEH emblazon their publicity prodly proclaiming, RESIDENT LED! FULL CONSULTATION! In effect they imply that the Boards direct their policies. This is where the danger lies, untransparent Boards “could” rubber-stamp all discussions. and proposals.

Do you know what your Board agrees to?

Here on the Glamis Estate we have an excellent Board system, we have the Residents Association which handles the “running” of the estate, ie caretaking, social events etc. Then we have the Estate Board which handles “regeneration” of the estate. The Residents Association is an open meeting with estate officers, the Police etc, all residents are welcome to attend. Residents are also welcome to Estate Board meetings as observors and can easily ask questions via the Chair.

A resident produces a monthly “EVENTS” newsletter which lists all estate events including all meetings and social events, it also invites, in fact urges residents to join the Boards. EEH do not produce this newsletter but kindly deliver it to ALL properties on the estate. GLAMIS RESIDENTS ARE KEPT INFORMED!

Our system isn’t perfect, but it works well – AND ITS ALL TRANSPARENT!

I truly believe that if EEH kept their residents informed in the way that the Glamis Estate does then the enigma of Estate Boards could be solved.

John Wright.


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  • Who attended the Resident Conference that EastendHomes held 16 January? Who knew about it? I think they kept it well hidden from RESIDENTS! Funny that eh! TSA - are you listening??????

    • Why was this not advertised? Saw nothing about this at all here at Island Gardens?

      Who was invited? Who went? only the choosed few !!!

  • It appears that EeH has no stipulated procedures about elections at its estates, i.e. ballot distribution, collection of filled forms, counting and recording them jointly by EeH and an EMB election committee, etc.

    At present, the residents of EeH' estates are at the mercy of a rotten landlord in charge to deliver democratically elected EMBs at its estates...Simply impossible!

  • What do the Regulators think about this sort of behaviour? Maybe they need to be told about it?hayofa

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