Holland Estate residents fury with Eastendhomes

Holland Estate residents fury with East End Homes Last Wednesday 3rd June, residents packed into the BBC community centre on Holland Estate. Leaseholders on the Holland Estate are absolutely furious about broken promises from East end Homes and the massive increases in service charges that East End Homes have levied on leaseholders

East End Homes acquisition of this prime real estate on the edge of the City of London has been mired in controversy since a ballot for transfer from the council was held a couple of years ago. Accusations were widespread of ballot rigging and the matter became the subject of a police enquiry after the intervention of George Galloway MP.

Leaseholders complained that service charges had doubled, that services were being charged on an estate rather than a block basis and that in some instances charges had increased by 200%.The packed meeting was addressed by Councillor Abjol Miah, the leader of the Respect group on Tower Hamlets council. “This is a disgrace,” Councillor Miah said. “East End Homes has lost the confidence of the leaseholders and tenants on this estate. Residents need to petition the council, register their dispute over their bills with East end Homes and prepare action to take the issue to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.”
Residents complained that the management board failed to represent residents but that East End Homes had refused to recognize any independent residents association.

Councillor Miah insisted they would have to recognize an association which had the support of the residents and it was quite wrong for East End Homes to deny them this right.

The meeting unanimously agreed to establish the Holland Estate Leaseholders and Tenants Association (HELTA) and elected MR Brad Prasad its first chair.


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  • If only we had listened to Carole Swords when she warned us against transfer. If only, if only. Thats all we have now. Did LBTH warn us that we would sign away our democratic right to elect the boards that run our estates? Were you given that basic human right? LBTH were not angels but we maintained our rights of electing councillors. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FORWARD - GAIN THE RIGHT TO ELECT THE MAIN RSL's BOARDS! MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE!
    John Wright - Glamis Estate
    p.s. Does the Holland Estate have an Estate Board? If so, are they any good? If not a "vote of no confidence" could be made!

  • Mr Bloss has confirmed to the Tenants Services Authority (TSA) that a group of residents, primarily leaseholders at Holland estate, have advised him of the formation of a new group called the Holland Estate Leaseholders and Tenants Association (HELTA). This follows at least one meeting on the estate which was prompted by complaints about the increase in service charges to leaseholders.
    Mr Bloss further explained to TSA that following Mr Prasad's resignation from the board, in late 2006/early 2007, the Holland Estate Steering group and, subsequent to the election process, the Holland Estate Management Board, failed to supply a nomination to the main board until Ben Stephen-Cox was nominated and appointed in September 2008. Due to work commitments, Ben was never able to attend a board meeting and he subsequently tendered his resignation. The Holland Estate Management Board nominated a replacement earlier this year - Les Eldon, a tenant at Denning Point. Les's appointment was agreed by the EastendHomes board at their meeting on 29 July 2009.

    Is there further information on this from any Holland Estate Steering Group/Management Board member?

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