On Weds 27th Jan we presented a deputation to a Full Council Meeting . Tim Archer had put forward the original motion call for the council members to support the group for Eastendhomes to recognize us. This was passed by all councillors from all political party’s . This is excellent news

Eastend Homes Leaseholders win first step in battle for recognition.

EEHLFA – Deputation to the Council – 27th January and to Eastendhomes Main Board – 28th January Island Garden, St Georges, Glamis, Mile End East and Holland Estates – an opportunity for Leaseholders to work together to achieve justice and fair charges  At the Tower hamlets Full Council meeting on the 27th January, all Councillors […]

EEHLFA Manifesto

EEHLFA MANIFESTO Island Garden, St Georges, Glamis, Mile End and Holland Estates Transparency Accountability Value for Money Leaseholders and Freeholders on EEH Estates – an opportunity to work together to achieve justice and fair charges   THE ORGANISATION The creation of a Borough Wide properly constituted, subscription based, Housing Pressure Group, representing leaseholders and freeholders […]

Getting the monster back in the cage

Well done and thank you Rachael! At last we have a Labour Councillor who refuses to collude in the conspiracy of silence the Council has been maintaining around the deviant development of its offshoot, EastendHomes.

It was obvious to anyone listening to the debate about Eric & Treby Estates in the Council Chamber last Tuesday night that something has gone terribly wrong in the making of EeH, as Rachael reported to her fellow Councillors what she has now seen at first hand and EeH residents have been saying since stock transfer:

Registered Anti-social Landlords

News is about that registered social landlords in the borough are trying to make life difficult for any real resident involvement. This may not be a surprise to some…….. Housing councillor Marc Francis admits making mistakes to “properly protect the interests” of neighbours living on the Samuda, St John’s, Barkantine and Kingsbridge estates when they […]

Estate secrets?

So much better than the original idea – see here to see the travesty they planned This site has received a leaked secret document believed to have been sent to us by a disgruntled ex-EEH cleaner. It shows a purpose built secret bunker built secretly on an EEH estate. We can now reveal that the […]

SDC Meeting Tuesday 15th December

The Strategic Development Committee voted on the Eric, Treby and Brokesley planning application. The result was 3 votes against the application and 4 votes for. The efforts of residents and all the local councillors were not taken into account when a political decision was made at the SDC meeting at the Town Hall. 4 Labour […]

“Re-hash of previous plans ” – an Ennerdale resident objects:

I am writing to object to the planning application that has been re-submitted by EastendHomes for the Eric, Treby et al estates. Firstly I am appalled that these plans have been accepted at all as they are in all affect just a re-hash of the previous plans that were refused and turned down at the […]

St Georges Estate meeting Wednesday 16th December

St Georges Estate meeting at 7pm the OAP Club – Swedenborg Gardens Wednesday 16th December Click here for map. ANNUAL SERVICE CHARGES ARE GOING THROUGH THE ROOF PLANS TO REPAIR OUR BLOCKS WILL BANKRUPT US THE BIG IDEA OF A COMMUNITY -LED LANDLORD IS AT RISK Leaseholders & Freeholders from all EeH estates have come […]

EastendHomes are consulting NOW!!! Really???

LATEST NEWS We have been putting posters up around the Estates with details of the Planning Meeting and how to get there – it seems they are being removed – so…… ….get a poster for your street or block –  Click Here. And spread the word and we can have a chance at input into […]