What we were consulted on….

  From the Eric and Treby Exhibition Questionnaire 13th December 2003. Are you in favour of improving the ramp between Maplin Street and Hamlets Way with better lighting and by replacing the walls with railings to improve visibility? Please note we do NOT propose to demolish garages below the ramp. Are you in favour of […]

Eric & Treby Site Visualisations

The application has been recommended for approval and will be considered by the committee on Tuesday 15 December. Click centre icon to start slide show – all links open in new window See pictures on static page and scroll down. The plan presented to residents in 2004. ….and the 2009 version. The new plans are […]

Who is Paul Bloss?

It would perhaps be useful, before we enumerate East End Homes’ virtues and achievements, for us to know who PAUL BLOSS is. This is the man who is ensconced at the top of the pile. This is the man who is responsible for the decisions that affect our lives. This is the man who gives […]

EastendHomes Leaseholder & Freeholder Association Launch 19.11.09

EastendHomes – a Leaseholder Stock Take of the First Five years Tower Hamlets Council and EeH made a nine point commitment to leaseholders in the formal offers made to residents on Stock Transfer of estates from 2004 on. These included: acting at all times as a reasonable and responsible landlord respecting and protecting the rights […]

News from the Leaseholders Meeting 19th November

EeHlfa is now established as a borough-wide group, linking up leaseholders and freeholders across EeH estates after a meeting on the Isle of Dogs on 19th November Attending were:- Cllr Tim Archer – Local Councillor & Conservative MP Candidate Gloria R Thienel – Chair EEHLA & Interim Vice Chair EEHLFA Andrew Coles – THLA Advice […]

Objections to Eric & Treby revised building plans

Dear Sir/Madam 1. I am pleased to note the REFUSAL of the planning application for infill development of the above Estates. 2. I note that within days of this REFUSAL, East End Homes had submitted a revised Application for the same, purportedly answering the reasons given by the Planning Department for the Refusal. 3. Having […]

Estate Parking

So today we had some friends visit and decided to get a visitors car permit during the week. My wife went to the Estate office on Tuesday as it seems that is no longer open on other days. Only to be told she needs ID and to go to Cheviot House instead.

On Friday she went to Cheviot house but could only buy a book of 10 tickets minimum. We hardly ever have visitors by car. These 10 tickets are only valid for a year and I doubt I will ever be able to finish using them.

Community Policing – Operation Glamis

Eastendhomes – have they finally lost the plot? Fear not trusted residents…..brought in at your expense are the Metropolitan Police to help them find it (See council tax bill for further details). It seems that the old codgers on the Glamis Residents Association Board in Shadwell have been a little late in submitting some paperwork […]

Apollo – EEH Partner contactors fined £2 million for price fixing

On Tuesday the 20th October the Office of Fair Trading released a list of 103 companies found guilty of ‘cover-pricing’ over the last six years. Schools, police stations, and housing authorities across the UK have paid millions over the odds because of the scams, the OFT said. They say in their official statement that it […]