EastendHomes – community-led housing provider?

EastendHomes – community-led housing provider? – concerns about EeH’ relationship with its residents

What was the thinking behind the setting up of EeH?

In the consultations with estate residents leading up to stock transfer, Tower Hamlets Council described EeH as a new ‘community-led’ landlord’. (Open House Issue 9)

“The proposed structure for the council-sponsored landlord is as follows:

Download “Open House” Here

Open House was produced by Tower Hamlets Housing Services to keep residents informed on the progress of Housing Choice. Warning – please be patient as downloads from this server can be slow at times. Open House Issue 1 – Aug 2001 (PDF 560k) Consultation Begins – picture the future Sue Benjamins looks forward to the […]

Exploding The Myth of Decent Homes And Re-generation.

It has come to my attention that many tenants, on the Eric and Treby Estates in particular, are asking why some estates works have been carried out while the work on their estate hasn’t. It also becomes increasing frustrating and bewildering to hear that the excuse for not carrying out these works, like new front […]

Is EastendHomes Walking its Talk?

Following a number of posts/replies/comments about how representative EeH’ Main Board is, residents from a number of estates have asked to have a list of questions answered at the organisation’s AGM. They are challenging the Chair of the Board, Martin Young to demonstrate that EeH is complying with its own ‘rules’ (the Memorandum & Articles […]

……how you can spend a lot of money and fail to achieve a thing

This is a story of how you can spend a lot of money and fail to achieve a thing. To start with we had a block of flats (at 1-14 Brokesley Street) in which older people and vulnerable adults lived and everybody was happy. Then East End Homes decided that they wanted to knock them […]

“EeH admits St Georges Estate service charges errors at the LVT – remains to be seen whether the corrections will be applied retrospectively to ALL leaseholders”

Following an application to the Leaseholders Valuation Tribunal (LVT) for determination in relation to a number of EeH’ unfair service charges at St Georges Estate, EeH conceded the following: Communal heating charges that had been charged on property with private heating Charges for smoke detectors Charges made for tenanted properties Caretaking charges that had not […]

St Georges residents challenge actions of LBTH Planning Officers

1. Consent was granted by LBTH Strategic Development Committee in August 08 for an application for development consisting of 139 ‘market units’ and 54 ‘affordable units’ (with a tenure mix of 23 ‘intermediate’ and 31 ‘social rented’ units) together with refurbishment of existing units and provision of community facilities. 2. Central to planning officers’ appraisal […]

Whatever happened to planning consents that mean something?

Residents of Glamis Estate were told recently by EeH’ Director of Housing John Henderson that EeH is having another think about promises made to provide a permanent new local housing office on Glamis Estate. EeH’ latest idea is that we should toddle along Cable Street to St Georges Estate and the new local housing office […]