Have you read the “Statement of Community Involvement” here – if you have not yet read it (a large pdf file) – do you feel you have been consulted. If you are thinking “consulted about what” – see here – and scroll down. From the Statement of Community Involvement… “This statement seeks to provide information […]

Visualisations of the major building sites – scroll down.

Images below are from the “Addendum to Design, Access and Landscape Statement” – download the whole document from LBTH Planning – click this link Site 1 – Area around Ennerdale and Southern Grove 1) View north east up Southern Grove (from the gates of the cemetery). 2) View west to rear of site (looking across […]

Planning application – Experience from St Georges estate

In relation to EeH planning application for St Georges Estate infill construction scheme, various irregularities have been observed:

a) LBTH decided that no Environmental Impact Assessemnt (EIA) was required. Instead it requested approximately 12 environmental studies to be submitted and considered prior to the decision for consent. This did not happened, the scheme was considered without important studies in place and some of them were submitted afterwards or attached to the Decision as discharge conditions.

HCA funding

After two failed attempts, in May and July 2008, respectively, due to irregularities and discrepancies in the Officers’ reports, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) Strategic Development Committee (SDC), on 28 August 2008, granted consent to EeH proposed scheme for St Georges Estate, based on 25% affordable housing being financed by the 65% market homes and assurances it received about an additional 10% affordable housing being financed by a Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) grant.

PUBLIC MEETING MONDAY 15 JUNE 2009 at The Tabernacle 7PM

EastendHomes have not consulted residents properly on their building plans, so residents from Eric, Treby and Brokesley organised a public meeting for an open discussion 70 residents attended the public meeting organised by local residents at the Eric & Treby estates held at the East London Tabernacle, Monday 15 June 2009. Two local councillors spoke: […]


We need to stand together. All Eeh Homes Leaseholders the more there are of us making a noise, we might get heard. I am fighting them on the fact that they are charging me for the whole of Manchester Road. When my lease states we are I of 24 units. This came to light 9 […]

Legal & General

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Planning application update

Strategic Development Committee…….Decision has been deferred until the next meeting – Thursday 25 June at 7.30pm (please note they have changed the time) Wednesday 13 May, the Strategic Development Committee voted 2 for and 2 against the plans; the chair chose to defer the item (and not use his casting vote). This means the application […]

PETITION Ennerdale House and Derwent House

This is the petition we’ve got going at the moment:

We object to EastendHomes’ proposals for private development on the Eric and Treby estates’ open spaces. We specifically ask you to Remove site 2A (now Ennerdale House car park) from the plans:

The proposed sites 1, 2A and 2B do not respect the existing buildings, Ennerdale House and Derwent House; there will be too many buildings too close together, resulting in the loss of an open space which at present gives Hamlets Way an open feel.