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Ten years on…. what went wrong!!

New community landlord takes shape – How it all started in 2002How the idea of Eastend Homes came to be in the mind of Paul Bloss (then Assistant Director of Housing at LBTH) as presented...


Paul Bloss (2002) v Paul Bloss (2010)

Read here a report to the LBTH Cabinet written in 2003 by an aspiring housing official spinning out the vision for the new council sponsored Registered Social Landlord (RSL) EastendHomes Ltd. That ambitious employee...



Well today is a big day for Gordon House on the Glamis estate.

10 of the residents (leaseholders) in Gordon house have applied to go to tribunal about the extremely high service charges in the block. Our case had to be in today.

It is interesting to note that we managed to get an awfull ot of data about the accounts and invoices for service charges over the past since 2007. It was certainly very interesting, but very time consuming working through all of this to see what our money is being wasted on.